While we are working hard to make the Community Hub available for use, we have a lot of work to do make sure rooms are fit for purpose.  As we complete electrical, plumbing and repair works on each room, it will be available for use and we will let you know but we ask for your patience while we make the Community Hub a safe, active and open to all community groups and organisations.

Types of Rental

We will have multi-use rooms available for rent on for a once off rental or on an hourly basis which can be booked for a set time every week, fortnight or month, subject to availability. 

We will have other rooms that can be rented on an annual basis or for one off events.

Types of Rooms

We will have sports halls and and stage halls, meeting rooms and club rooms, fitness rooms and hobby rooms. 

We hope to offer space to an group, individual or organisation in the community that is engaged in community activities.


Terms of Use

Our aim is to provide you with a clean and functional space for those all-important meetings/activity
sessions. In order to provide these we have a code of conduct and terms of use and a number of other policies you can read by clicking here.

There are additional requirement if your group or a member of your group is under 18 years of age.



Currently we are offering room rentals at the following rates to community groups and organisations:

  • hourly rental €20 per hour
  • Event Rental €250 per day/event
  • Annual Rental €750 per annum 

For more information - please click here