Lego Education

St. Fintan’s Primary School engaged the Forum in a collaborative relationship that led to an ambitious STEM education project proposal.  Developed by the school and used by the Forum to secure funding, an ambitious STEM Program was launched. The school wanted to develop the mathematical and scientific skills of the students and decided to engage them in a fun and exciting way.  LEGO Education support the understanding of mathematical problem solving, reasoning, perseverance, precision, modelling and representation. A main aim of the project is that the children are involved in hands on activities in the areas of numeracy, algebraic thinking, measurement and data. The children work collaboratively, improving their communication and social skills. The LEGO Education kits used in the schools are:

  • More to Maths = used by everyone in the school.
  • We Do 2.0 - robotics, science and maths to 1st- 3rd class
  • We Do Core – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to 4th- 6th class

The resources and kits are shared by both the boys and the girls schools. By using Education Lego, the children are learning about basic robotics, coding, engineering and design. What an exciting time to be learning.