Flower Power

In July 2017, Mountrath Community Forum took a look at the town of Mountrath and wanted to add some fresh colour in the form of hanging baskets. A sub-committee was formed to lead this project. Following some advice from those that are talented with green fingers, we invested in hanging flower baskets, wall brackets & bedding plants. All the premises in the center of the town agreed to display the flower baskets on their premises. The finished product was put in place at no cost to the residents and was such success, a plan was made to collaborate with even more groups for the 2018 Flower Scheme.

This year, the men’s shed have a polytunnel where they are just about to sow the flowers for this year’s baskets, acting on and collaborating with the local Flower Club. We have all the brackets in place from last year and all the baskets are ready to be reused too. We aim to extend this program to the secondary streets and other areas.

The baskets add such a bright vibrancy to the town and the blooms have grown bigger and brighter as time goes on. The baskets are watered on a daily by members of The Mountrath Community Forum and many eager volunteers from the town, who we can't thank enough.

If you are interested in this project, we would love to hear from you.