Mountrath Community Forum Community Projects 2019



Mountrath Community Forum in Partnership with the Síol Foundation and co-funded by Laois County Council renovated an 1809 building on the Brigidine Convent site that has been kindly donated to the community of Mountrath. This is now a unique 13,000 square foot high spec high tech co-working space that is an innovative and inspiring space to be in. With options to use meeting and conference spaces, fixed and floating desks, relaxed and structured hot desk spaces, there is something for the way everybody works in Bloom HQ. An onsite gym and resident clubs provide a ready made work life balance for you.

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Mountrath Martial Arts & fitness Academy

As part of the renovation of the Brigidine Convent site, Mountrath Community Forum have converted some of the space into a Health, Wellness and Fitness Centre. With rooms fitted out with 40mm competition grade high density padded flooring, a clinic room for nutrition and physio sessions and a meeting room to accommodate group sessions.

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LEGO Educate

We started this project in one primary school in 2017 and it expanded to a second school, we are hoping to get all 4 primary schools involved in this project. It has had a significant positive impact on literacy, maths and engineering skills. Our vision is to create a stem workshop in the Brigidine Convent to build on this foundation learning and support and inspire future engineers, robotics and scientists to contribute to solving world problems. And have some fun along the way.

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Mountrath School of Music

The Mountrath School of Music provides access to instruments and affordable classes for individuals or groups of 8 or less. All money generated from this project is reinvested in other community projects. There are 6 instruments currently being taught: Tin Whistle, Guitar, Bodhrán, accordion, flute and violin, We hope to add piano and some brass instruments to expand the classes. We are now teaching 83 people from 3 to 83 and hope to add more soon.


Town Flowers

Mountrath Community Forum are committed to contributing to the making the town a nice place to be in. Every year, we bring together several community groups and plant, nuture and grow flowers for hanging baskets. In the summer months, we hang the over 200 baskets around the town making a bright and colourful impact where we can.