Convent Renovation

The Convent Renovation is a little like the iceberg that sunk the titanic, it may not look like a lot is happening but there's a lot going on underneath.  We've been very busy behind the scenes preserving the heritage of the buildings while upgrading and reinventing working spaces.  This project will benefit everyone in the community for many years to come, so it you have a suggestion on how to use the facility, don't keep it to yourself!

Have a read and see how we are getting on.


Enterprise Hub

Thanks to our conservation architect and our structural engineer, we were able to remove some wall and change the space to get it ready for a new use.


Safety First

The entire building needs a complete electrical rewiring.  We started with the emergency lighting and exit lighting and signs first. Now for the rest . . .


ground works

There is a lot of outside space to keep neat and tidy.  We are working hard to keep the grass cut and the weeds at bay.  Tree and shrub trimming are next.